25th May 2017

Water or beverages – Think twice !

Around 70 percent of the body is comprised of water, majority of the organs in our body and the blood is composed of water. Therefore, the body needs water to function properly and by drinking water before meals and that substituting water for sweetened beverages can cut down on calorie intake and improve weight control.
25th March 2017

Make exercise a part of your routine

Making time to exercise 20 minutes a day 3 times a week for a start will make a world of difference as long as your keep it regular. A few type of exercises are aerobic which burns fat calories very quickly and improves and maintains heart and lung fitness. Some examples are dancing, jogging, and swimming.
26th February 2017

Healthy diet is not a problem anymore

Living a healthy and balanced lifestyle means you can make the most of every day. Increasing the intake of vitamin E and C such as oranges, limes and lemons and reducing habits like alcohol consumption and smoking help maintain a healthy brain and body.